What We Do


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We offer a specialist town planning service to:

  • Private individuals seeking to enhance the development potential of their property
  • Residential and commercial property developers
  • National and International property funds
  • Architects
  • Professional teams dealing with complex property applications
  • Heritage, environmental and traffic consultants
  • Financial institutions needing detailed due diligence reports

We can assist with the following applications:

  • Rezoning
  • Permanent Land-Use-Departures
  • Consent use applications
  • Removal, suspension or amendment of restrictive title deed conditions
  • Land use rights
  • Consolidation and Sub Division applications

We do specialized planning along the Atlantic Seaboard:

We have considerable experience with in a wide range of development challenges especially along the Atlantic Seaboard, the Southern Suburbs and  Central City(with particular emphasis on tall buildings) 

Property values on the Seaboards represent phenomenal growth, and the topography and landscape need to be harnessed correctly to ensure the best possible development potential of every site in its urban context.

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